MSM reactions to Xi Jinping's statement

Xinhua Headlines: Xi says "China must be, will be reunified" .

 "We are willing to create broad space for peaceful reunification but will leave no room for any form of separatist activities. -- Chinese don't fight Chinese. We are willing to strive for peaceful reunification with utmost sincerity and greatest efforts as peaceful reunification is in the best interests of compatriots across the Strait as well as the Chinese nation.

-- We make no promise to renounce the use of force and reserve the option of taking all necessary means. This does not target compatriots in Taiwan, but the interference of external forces and the very small number of "Taiwan independence" separatists and their activities."  Xi Jinping  Source: Xinhua | 2019-01-02 

This seems to be the only statement regarding Taiwan reunification made by the Chinese Government and it appears quite clear; use of force is a last resort in case of attempted secession supported by foreign agents. 

But journalists have their own interpretation according to the dictate of their controllers.

MSM reactions to Xi Jinping's statement

Xi: Nobody can change fact Taiwan is part of China

Al Jazeera 2020 report focusses on Taiwans reaction.

Will China invade Taiwan? Or Will Taiwan declare independence? Or

Will Taiwan rejoin China of its own freewill?

Because the following I beleive that the "one country, two systems" will be accepted by Taiwan and this may happen sooner than we might expect.


1. China is no longer the poor relative that its once richer relative might have to support. China is now the rich relative next door. Taiwan can grow with China but will fail without the goodwill of China.

2. Chinese are pragmatic and learn from thier mistakes as well as thie successes.

3 Unless Taiwan joins the BRI and is able to participate in the recent RCEP trade agreement, it will be isolated.

4 There has always been a group in Taiwan that favours unification, the KMT being one one them. America's current confused state will feed this movement 


History of Taiwan

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1543 the Portuquese named the Island Formosa

1895, the Qing ceded Formosa to Japan

1945, following the end of World War II, the nationalist government of the Republic of China (ROC),

1949, after losing control of mainland China the ROC government under the KMT withdrew to Taiwan

 and Chiang Kaishek who declared martial law. ) as a single-party state for forty years, until democratic reforms in the 1980s. Rapid industrialization and economic growth known as the "Taiwan Miracle", and was known as one of the "Four Asian Tigers".

1971, Resolution 2758 was passed by the UN General Assembly and "the representatives of Chiang Kai-shek" (and thus the ROC) were expelled from the UN and replaced as "China" by the PRC.

1979, the United States switched recognition from Taipei to Beijing.

996  First direct presidential election. This election prompted the PRC to conduct a series of missile tests in the Taiwan Strait. The tactic prompted U.S. President Clinton to invoke the Taiwan Relations Act and dispatch two aircraft carrier battle groups into the region off Taiwan's  This incident is  1996 Taiwan Straits Crisis.  

2008, direct flights, direct shippings and direct mail are fully restored between Mainland China and Taiwan per the Three Links agreement.

2015 Taiwan visitor number from Mainland three million.

2015 Dr Tsai Yingwen's DDP party wins elections against KMT - mildly pro Beijing party. 

Economy 2020.jpg

This chart shows the history of the economies of many countries from 1812. It cover the late Qing period and we can see the effect on the Opium wars, the colonisation of China,  and particularly during the Mao period.

For much of the 19Th century Chian had the largest GDP. 

Waht is most striking is China's growth starting about 2007 2008. 

These videos are well worth watching. An instant course in world trade in  five minutes perhaps



TaiwanIsland is about 100 miles from Mainland China acroos the Taiwan Strait. It also occupies a number of islands close to the Mainland and in the South China Seas. Those close to the Mainland are Quemoy Jinmen, about three nautical miles (nm) from Xiamen, Mazu or Matsu to the north west of Taipei  which is 7 nm from the Mainland and 91 nm from Taiwan. Pratas Island , 227nm from Taiwan and 133 nm from Mainland. Taiping Island, 799 nm from Taiwan and 204 nm from Philippines is just an airstrip. The Penghu Group, 22 nm west of Taiwan is a casino resort.

Population of Taiwan - 24 million of which about 600,000 are Gaoshan or indigenous people.  

The area of Taiwan is 36,193 km², a little larger than Belgium 30,689 km² but twice the size of Hawaii 16,635 m²,



Taiwan exported USD 330.6 billion of goods and USD 51.4 billion of services in 2019, and imported USD 287.1 billion of goods and USD 56.3 billion of services (WTO, 2020). Electronics industry is the largest industrial export sector and it receives the most US investment. Taiwan's main export partners in 2019 were China (24.3% of all export in 2019), the United States (13.2%), the E.U. and Japan. Imports were predominantly acquired from China (20.1% of all imports in 2019), Japan, the U.S.(12.2%), the E.U., and the Republic of Korea. Since Taiwan's economy is highly export-oriented, it depends on a regime open to international trade and remains vulnerable to fluctuations in the global economy. Political tensions between separatist and reunificationists in Taiwan made reaching policy consensus difficult. Nordeo 2020

Sidelined from the world's largest trading bloc, Taiwan is pinning its hopes on other free trade deals as it seeks to move further away from economic reliance on China. But the self-governed island's hopes of joining groups such as the China-led Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership or the 11-member Comprehensive and Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership depend much on political attitudes in Beijing, Washington and Tokyo.  Nikkei Asia Dec 2020

It can be expected that Taiwan will decide on its options shortly. Elections are in May 2021

Quality of Life

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China Taiwan. 2019.jpg

Life expectancy and GDP per capita might justifiably be used as measures of the quality of life and comparing that of Taiwan and China shows great changes over the years. Life expectancy should reflect general health and nutrition conditions.

Lide expectancy 1985 Taiwan .72 China 68

                                2020 Taiwan 80 China 76

CDP per capita   1985 Taiwan  $3,246 China $300

                                1985 Taiwan  $25,845 China $10,112

Whereas statistics for China in 1985 were possibly estinates at best, it appears that Chinese earning capcity and there fore incomes i increased significatly over the peiod.  

Life expectancy.jpg

The military option

The Atlantic observes: The sheer number of ships, missiles, planes, and people doesn’t tell the whole story. What already gives the Chinese the advantage is geography.



Let China sleep, for when she awakes she will shake the world.


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