A Gang of Seven

Mike Pompeo representing the Military Industrial Complex Promotes anti-China rhetoric with evangelical zeal. Cites Zenz.

Dolkun Isa, President of the World Uyghur Congress. CIA/NED supported. Heads the Uyghur independence movement. Ear of Pompeo et al

John Sudworth,

BBC promoted Genocide, slavery, cultural genocide allegations. Responsible for current Xinjiang Cotton crisis.

Adrian Zenz, consultant for BBC. First to allege a million plus Uyghurs incarcerated. Cited by MSM and academics. Has ear of US Congress

Dr Joanne Smith Finley, Newcastle University writes cultural genocide papers citing RFA, Zenz, ASPI. Has ear of UK Parliament

Olsi Jazexhi, journalist, historian, YouTuber went to Xinjiang, saw what few others saw. Cultural genocide. Has ear of European Parliament

Gordon G Chang, Chinaphobe, failed prophet. writer. Book @The comomh Collapse of China 2001. Has ear of Congress

Other groups that promote the genocide, human rights abuse rhetoric are the:

"independent"Australian Strategic Policy Institute funded by arms manufacturers and "defense" Departments including UK.

Radio Free Asia, an "independent broadcaster funded by the American Government

When the Anglosphere eventually stirred from it slumbers, it unleashed an unprecedented salvo of still unsubstantiated human rights related allegations against China and its people. These have ranged from Uyghur genocide to teaching the national language in Schools. The allegations by the BBC of the use of forced labour (slavery) in the cotton fields of Xinjiang resulted in response from China that surprised and shocked the West. The allegations started in 2018, but until now, China made only mild protests. Again, a Napoleon strategy, "If your opponent is making a mistake, do not disturb him".

The slavery allegations have threatened the livelihoods of the very people the West says it is "trying to help", but now the foolish allegations have cost Western companies  in China billions of dollars. Share holders will be asking some very awkward questions, the answers to which will probably expose the fraud. The answers will expose those who are responsible for the fraud. They are here.

Has a "tipping point" has been reached with the Chinese fighting back against what appears to be a highly biased and politicized media agenda led by the BBC. It seems that the media are taken aback by the response of China Yang at the meeting with the Secretary Blinken last week. On the other hand China seems to have become more confident. This 35 mins assessment of the situation is made by American journalist Kim Iverson. Thsi is the first report that contradicts the American agenda. She confirms my assessment of what may have happened in the roundup of terrorists in 2017.

US Accuses China Of Genocide, China Accuses US Of Imperial War Mongering


The current situation - a boycott of Nike. H&M, Adidas

China sanctions British and EU Parliamentarians


The BBC has been promoting the Bad China campaign since 2018. China has simply kept quite and not responded.  In early March BBC posted this YouTube alleging slave labour in the Xinjiang cotton fields. At 4.44 minutes the key figure, Adrian Zenz appears. He has said in Twitter (his tweet below), that in 2018 the was commissioned by the BBC to provide evidence of human rights abuse in Xinxiang. First he said no, BBC insisted, so he did He did just what as any hungry consultant would do do. (My analysis of hos papers below). But in early March 2020, BBC posted the slave labour cotton YouTube. there was outrage in China, but still, China Governemtn said nothing.




 "Xinjiang's big cotton beef up" : Opinion and analysis.



3. Nike and H&M face China fury over Xinjiang cotton 'concerns' - BBC News

Today's response by the BBC to the boycott of H&M (Swedish) and Nike by Chinese citizens. BBC tries to say the boycott was inspired by the CPC. It was not. It was inspired by a Twitter Group which has been urging the Government for four weeks to respond to the BBC allegations. The CPC has said nothing to anybody. I have urged the Xinjiang cotton producers to sue BBC, but it seems they are going to sue Zenz (Yesterday).

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fkmlKCV86zU   about 6AM  25 March 2021  my time subsequently, for some reason,  modified a few hours later to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yjU02fn3t4k  25 March 2021


My website https://www.malcolmmcgregor.com/home  - accusations page, where I have put links for allegations and refutations of allegations. I have tried to summarise the story under "Does Murphy's Law apply in China '', down the page about halfway. The site changes daily as more information pops up. I have been researching this for the last eight months on the basis that if there is smoke there is fire. I found no fire but a lot of smoke. 


4. Further, it is worth taking a look at Daniel Dumbrill's piece explaining the possible way of thinking that caused the Canadian, British and other parliamentarians go along with the Uyghur genocide allegations. He is probably right.



%. The last one is a Government production on the Xinjiang terrorists. This is one of CGTN's better  efforts. Previous attempts have been weak. Public relations is not one of China's strengths, but they are getting better.



 I believe that quite soon, BBC is going to have some explaining to do. I see a court case coming where BBC will have to admit its allegations have dubious foundation


Preview YouTube video New evidence of Uighur forced labour in China’s cotton

industry - BBC News

China’s Neo-Totalitarian Turn and Genocide in Xinjiang Dr Joanne Smith Finley


New evidence of Uighur forced labour in China’s cotton industry - BBC News

Preview YouTube video Nike and H&M face China fury over Xinjiang cotton 'concerns' - BBC News


Nike and H&M face China fury over Xinjiang cotton 'concerns' - BBC News

Preview YouTube video China attacks foreign brands amid Xinjiang backlash


China attacks foreign brands amid Xinjiang backlash

Preview YouTube video The Xinjiang Genocide - an excerpt from the "Genocide" panel


The Xinjiang Genocide - an excerpt from the "Genocide" panel

Preview YouTube video Fighting Terrorism in Xinjiang


Fighting Terrorism in Xinjiang

 Evidence of mass incarceration of ethnic minorities and increase in the rate of construction of de-radicalization centers in 2017

Prisoners in a detention centre

prison uyghurs.jpg

Source: Knock on the door of the soul   14 April 2017 Baijiahao.  Showing large numbers of  detainees attending a de-radicalization lecture.

On April 7, the "De-radicalization" Preaching Group of the Judicial Department of the Autonomous Region came to Qalbag Township, Luopu County, and launched a three-day "De-radicalization" Preaching. "

Source: World Bank assisted Xinjiang Technical and Vocational Education and Training Project for China Report 2020 last accessed March 20,2020. It shows the level of World Bank  disbursement per month for the period 2016 to 2018. This would be matched by the Xinjiang Government input to the project  to pay for construction and services, and could also have been expected to follow the same pattern, with most of the development activity in 2017. Zenz same pattern below.


Beijing's Eyes and Ears Grow Sharper in Xinjiang: The 24-7 Patrols of China's "Convenience Police"

By James Leibold and Adrian Zenz. December 23, 2016

Thousands of local police stations have cropped up across the region and tens of thousands of policemen have been recruited to man them around the clock.

Xinjiang’s Rapidly Evolving Security State March 14, 2017

Zenz notes." a massive spike in police recruitment since 2012."  

"Xi Jinping calling for “walls made of copper and steel” and “nets spread from the earth to the sky” to capture these “terrorists” ((People’s Daily, May 26, 2014; Xinhua, May 29, 2014)"

There are no mentions of war on terror, in the references cited.


Adrian Zenz May 15, 2018  "Thoroughly Reforming them Toward a Healthy Heart Attitude" - China's Political Re-Education Campaign in Xinjiang.  Condensed version - no need to download

Overall, Table 1 lists 73 re-education facility related procurement and construction bids valued at 682 million RMB...

One million Uyghurs

The accuracy of this estimate is ... predicated upon the validity of the stated sources.te .... While there is no certainty, it is reasonable to speculat ... anywhere between several hundred thousand and just over one million RFA report citest 32,000, A Uyghur organization s - 693,273 detainees.

Bidding documents and construction - Public tenders

1 zenz.jpg

Zenz - Twitter Jul 19 2018

An examination of information freely available leads us to the following conclusions:

1. Many people were detained in Xinjiang on the grounds that they were  suspected terrorists or may have been subject to radicalization. Other countries did that (France)..

2. In the attempts to suppress terrorism, human rights violations would be likely to occur.

3. Recent allegations of rape for example, are not credible, given that some have been declared liars by their own families in Xinjiang.

4. The mainstream media, BBC particularly have deliberately misconstrued Adrian Zenz's assertations in his  early papers. Zenz said interpreted data to SUGGEST an increase in security and a large number of people detained. MSM took it from there. 

4. The instigators of the allegations was the World Uygher Congress. funded and supported  by the United States.   

Does Murphy's Law apply in China? We think so.

Genocide now. It's Official

At the beginning of 2021, the tirade of  accusations against China of everything from genocide to teaching Children and adults the national language in schools has become more obnoxious and virulent.


We tend to speculate  what this means and why it is happening.


The main sources of evidence the governments and media can produce for these offences are papers, not peer review, by Adrian Zenz, a few Uyghur activist  organizations based in Washington, Germany and Istanbul.

Are journalists, clerics, diplomats really fooled by "Chinese propaganda? 


It is almost impossible to believe that those making the allega-tions are unaware that they are false given that in the past three years many overseas visitors have been to Xinjiang and would have reported if anything untoward was happening. These included Fortune 500 companies, World Bank Vocational Training Project ($150m) staff who were engaged in equipping the very schools that ASPI and Zenz have labelled concentration camps. Asian Development Bank Project staff have been engaged in improving roads and services in the rural area where the schools are located.  Journalists and mainly Muslim Diplomats and Clerics havevisited and reported. Gen-eral Vladimir Voronko  of the UN visited in 2019 and reported favorably for China. The USA and UK Government and activists rejected his findings.


Millions of Chinese and foreign tourists visited Xinjiang in 2019. Of these, less than half a dozen have reported having seen  

concentration camps, or human rights abuses, and of these were journalists whose agendas have been exposed. Two are BBC reporters and another, Olsi Jazexhi. 

"Evidence" generated by Uyghur terrorist organi-zations' acceptable to Western politicians and media 

The evidence for human rights abuse and genocide may have been generated by a USA based think tank followed by Adrian Zenz after he was commissioned by the BBC. BBC may have seen the Uyghur activist Istiqlal TV report. 

A second source of information is the Xinjiang Victims Database which lists names and experiences of those claiming to be victims of oppression'. Opinions vary but there is good reason to believe the many of the complainants may have been incar-cerated during the crackdown on Jihadis and terrorists in 2016 -2018.

We can only speculate as to what happened in this period.

The crackdown on terrorism started in about 2017 after the bombing. The Provincial government would have responsibility for this but it would be the city or county police who would carry out the operation, not the army.


Was it an accident that was bound to happen

In Xinjiang there are many ethnicities,  religions and sects. The ordering of a round up of suspected terrorists would inevitably have unpredictable results. Since the area has a history of ethnic and religious conflict between members the Muslim sects, and that the majority of the terrorists were deemed to be Uyghurs, and that many of the policemen are now  and would have been Uyghurs of various persuasion, it may be reasonable to assume that old enmities and feuds might influence the results of the instruction . In some cities and counties, the situation probably got out of control and mass arrests of innocent people occurred.

More evidence?


A close examination of the database is needed. The site claims to record interview which indicate 35,000 cases of HR abuse period a two years. Whether this can be used as evidence of mass incarceration and HR abuse is possibly conjectural at best. At least four of their first page “star|” witnesses are frauds according to their families. The roundup of terrorists, suspected terrorists and sympathisers was China wide and extended as far as Thailand. China has stated and published photographs of people. The database is only stating what is already known and alleges ill-treatment of these prisoners.

Why America stays in Afghanistan American  Colonel 

Uyghurs wiki.jpg

Iapu County Jail April 17 2017

Ausralia Strategic Policy Institute funded by arms manufacturer’s claims it has identified from satellite image interpretation, 380 concentration camps. They included a kindergarten and World Bank Vocational Training centres in their list. There are about 300 towns and 90 counties in Xinjiang which could be expected to have prisons, so 380 might not be an outrageous number.


So whose is the originator of the allegations and why?

It seems that the propaganda promoted by all media is supported by the primary agitator, the World Uyghur Congress. The WUC and other Uyghur  ”activist” groups are heavily backed and strongly supported by the USA State department which is alleged by ex-Government administrators as being they key to disruption of China’s Belt and Road Initiative.  

The Real Reasons Why U.S. Hates China: An American  Colonel and others

8 mins YouTube

Fortune 500 Companies in Xinjiang.

Recent changes in China. Those who left 15 years ago cannot recognize it now. Povery alleviation.


This 18 minute video exposes the falsehood  of the allegations.

Before 2018, Western media praised the efforts of China in Xinjiang.  Now they only promote the allegations. Only Grayzone  dot not 

Zenz 3.jpg

Alleging human rights abuse in China

  • Governments of the USA. Canada and Netherlands

  • Mike Pompeo Credited Adrian Zenz "research" in his Official Statement

  • Antony Blinken at Congress hearing, US Holocausts Museum,

  • Heartland Institute - CSPAN 2


  • Bloomberg, New York Times, The Times, The New Statesman, 

  • CNN, Fox News, BBC. Radio Free Asia *CIA)

  • Newsweek Japan 

"China Expert

e2017  wrote a report for the BBC suggesting that more than 1m Uyghurs were in concentration camps in Xinjiang. Later papers alleging HR abuses including  forced birth control paper have been cited by the worlds press. His work has been heavily criticized. He used World Bank data for estimates.

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Fist WUC.jpg

Uyghur Exile Activist  Organizations


  • Various Government sponsored think tanks. ASPI. Darren Byler -Wilson Centre, Human Rights Watch,

Uyghur support organizations based outside China

  • Funded in part by NED (CIA), World Uyghur Congress,, Campaign For Uyghurs,  Uyghur Human Rights Project, 

Expatriate Uyghur "witnesses

Visitors to Xinjiang in recent years


JournalistOlsi Jazexhi  Interview with Jerry Grey  Bay area -debunks propaganda   , 

Mario Cavolo Senior Fellow  ,  Maxime Vivas Auther       

World Bank staff, Asian Development Bank staff, Agents from international companies

.,Residents of Xinjiang 

Alex video Xinjiang,   

Shopowner TursenAli Xinjiang  

old man pompeo.jpg
China's responses to allegations

China may have appeared to be somewhat slow in countering these allegations, but in recent months, China has reacted in a more aggressive manner that the West better understands.




feb 2020 "The diplomats - from Pakistan, Venezuela, Cuba, Egypt, Cambodia, Russia, Senegal and Belarus - spoke with trainees at vocational education and training centers, clerics and other members of the public during their visit."

The head of the UN Counterterrorism Office Vladimir Voronkov visited Xinjiang saying that Chinese actions in XJ were appropriate. USA and UK objected to the visit and report.



A World Bank loan of $50m to the XUAR helped to finance a $150m project - vocational training schools - 2014. The loan was questioned by the US Govt because it was alleged that the Bank was financing prison camps. 

Asia Development Bank has an ongoing project to improve services in rural areas.



in 2019, Xinjiang received millions of visitors from China and overseas. None reported human rights violations.

Jerry Grey has posted accounts of his visits to Xinjiang on YouTube and on other media. There are foreign visitors in Xinjiang now who port their observations.



Foreign diplomatic envoys and journalists  consisted of 12 media representatives from countries including Egypt, Turkey, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka, visited Xinjiang from January 9 to 16. The trip was made following diplomatic envoys from 12 countries visiting Xinjiang from December 28-30 at the invitation of the regional government

Uyghur massacre by Han PLA

Human rights in  in Hong Kong

prison uyghurs.jpg

Since 2017, there have been stories in the Western news media alleging serious ill-treatment of Uyghur Muslims in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region XUAR of China. 

China\s occupation of Sth China Sea


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Below about CHINA

STONE WIZARDS about South Pacific Islands. Alternative history.

RAIN ENGINE. About a Cumbrian farm from the 1940s

The imposition of the National Security Law after the riots of 2019 has resulted in condemnation of China by mainly western Christian nations.

China hid Covid 19 Information

5 dash line.jpg

China has for over a century asserted that the South China Sea is its territory. Since 1949 when the Kuomintang (KMT) was defeated and relocated in Taiwan, Both China and Taiwan claimed ownership of the South China Sea. but China is alleged to b eaggressively occupying the area.

The WHO has recently completed an investigation in Wuhan but their report does not feed the narrative of the Media.. It is alleged that China has persuaded WHO to cover up China's "guilt". It is possible there will be more investigations in other countries where the disease occurred in 2019.

China threatens Taiwan

The BRI is debt-trap diplomacy

MSM frequently cites Chinese aggression and towards taiwan and highlights the USA, UK, and Australian military presence in the South China Seas. Although not explcitly stated, it can easily be inferred from their reports, that China is preparing to invade Taiowan. An opinion this is highly unlikely. Reasons here.

The Belt and Road Initiative was announced in 2013 and with the objective of improving transport communication between ASEAN countries and the rest of the world. Loans made to poorer countries have been deemed by the press ascHINA'S  debt-trap diplomacy, a form of soft imperialism.



Let China sleep, for when she awakes she will shake the world.


Qing Dragon.jpg