The media merry-go-round and echo chamber

The following have made wild accusations of human rights abuse in China. The credibility of their claims for making making thier allegations is questioned by many, yet they are believed, quoted and followed by millions.

Global Times reporter: CNN just published a report citing the "personal experience" of a Uighur woman named Mihrigul Tursun. This person also described a similar "experience" as a witness at the hearing of the China Committee of the Executive Council of the United States Congress on November 28, 2018. In addition, U.S. Senator Rubio and others re-introduced the "Uyghur Human Rights Policy Act" in Congress.  

Mihrigul Tursun

- Akbar Tursun, her younger brother, said publicly, "My sister Mihrigul is full of lies. She not only said I am dead, but also lied about seeing others die."

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Dr Adrian Zenz

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Thoroughly Reforming Them Towards a Healthy Heart Attitude"
- China's Political Re-Education Campaign in Xinjiang
Adrian Zenz
Updated September 6, 2018

This frequently cited paper states " While estimates of internment numbers remain speculative, the available evidence suggests that a significant percentage of Xinjiang's Muslim minority population, likely at least several hundred thousand and possibly just over one million,"

Advertised value of re-education related government procurement bids in Xinjiang (million RMB) page 9 is very high in 2017 when th World Bank Project construction of vocational training facilities was in full swing.

A Zenz paper attacking China.

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Xinjiang: China, where are my children? Zenz - BBC News Interview in Turkey

ew evidence of Uighur forced labour in China’s cotton industry - BBC News quoting expat Uyghurs. Source Zenz

Over 500,000 Uighurs forced into cotton-picking, report says

China Cites Misleading Stats to Deny Uighur Sterilization Campaign. Evidence from Kazakstan.

Surviving China’s Uighur camps. French. From expat Uyghurs ?

lAdrian Zenz - Uyghur Birth Control

Beijing calls Pompeo's anti-China rhetoric 'old lies

#Opinion: A Solid Wall of Disinformation. Jerry Gray

Xinjiang: Evil genocide, blue skies & Santa Claus

BBC Beijing John Sudworth

Mike Pompeo

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UHRP Uyghur Human Rights Project

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ASPI Australia Strategic Policy Institute

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RA Rushan Abbas

GA Gulzira Auelhan

NR Nathan Rusher

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AMITP A man in the pub

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: “We delivered to the world a fact set that is irrefutable…No one's going to deny that the #ChineseCommunistParty…wants to undermine democracies & the rule of law all across the world & that we have a responsibility to confront it.”

On Twitter with Epoch Times

Security conditions in Xinjiang outside the camps had also intensified markedly and now bear “a striking resemblance to those inside”, Hong Kong-based Human Rights Watch researcher Maya Wang said, based on interviews with 58 former Xinjiang residents now living abroad.

Xi Jinping: China’s president and his quest for world power | Four Corners

How Some in Australia see Xi Jinping

'Their goal is to destroy everyone': Uighur camp detainees allege systematic rape



Let China sleep, for when she awakes she will shake the world.


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