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The purpose of this website

Where I am coming from 

My intent is that readers will look at the allegations and the refutations and only then, make a judgement as to whether the allegations are justified.

1. To be a catalogue of allegations made against China by various bodies of human right abuse, foreign aggression, Covid 19 coverups and other sins. Who made the allegations, when and where are cited and supported by the evidence available to anyone. For example, it cannot easily be denied that on his last day of office, Pompeo declared that China was committing genocide in Xinjiang.


2. To be a repository of refutations of these allegations. These are made by the China Government, citizens of Xinjiang, Taiwan and Hong Kong and many commentators worldwide. It is worthy of note that when the alleger provides no evidence, the defender can offer little more than opinions.

Allegations range from extremely serious, deserving international condemnation,  through foolish and frivolous to laughable. The latter, such as demolition of temples and suppressing religion are easily debunked through observation and a quick search on Google and Google Earth. What is not so easily refuted are the more serious allegations such as genocide, mass incarceration, serial rapes, and like suchlike atrocities. All the Chinese Government can do is say, these allegations are false. The pandemic has prevented millions of people, including UN observers, EU observers going to Xinjiang to make an investigation.

To give an example of how difficult t is to refute something that is not true, think in terms of the following:.

You wake up in the morning. Your partner says, You were dead drunk last night".

You deny you were drunk and state you had not drunk alcohol last night.

"My friend called and told me."

You try to call the friend a couple of times but there is no answer. So you are stuck with the allegation.

On the other hand

You wake up in the morning. Your partner says, | You were dead drunk last night".

You deny you were drunk and state you had not drunk alcohol last night.

Partner replies, "The police brought you home, you threw a rainbow yawn on the carpet and went to sleep beside it. I cleaned you up when you woke and put you to bed. And there is a ding in the car door."

Evidence always helps to prove a case. In the Bad China prosecution, this is notably absent as The Interpartiamentary Alliance found when they took theirs to the International Criminal Court.




I came to China as EEC Project coordinator in  1990 and have lived in China ever since except for a couple of years in Micronesia as an Economist/Analyst for the Asian Development Bank. 1996/7 ., I worked for five years in a Chinese Government Department From 2000, I spent five years as Vide Dean in Fuzhou Napier College, Fuzhou University. After that, I taught in three universities. I visited partner universities in the UK and Hong Kong

Before coming to China I worked as a project manager in eight countries, mainly British Commonwealth and consultant in another dozen for International Aid Organisations - UK ODA, UN FAO, Asian Development Bank, Africa Development Bank and EU.  The best countries I worked in were Rhodesia 1963-7 and Rome, Italy 1959.

So I think I can claim to have been around a bit, but not to South America.

I was raised on a marginal farm in the north of England and went to University at Kings College Newcastle, Durham University. BSc Agric 1962. MSc 1992, PGDip Management 1996





Let China sleep, for when she awakes she will shake the world.


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